Young Buffalo Naturists

Buffalo in the buff

Ever been curious about Naturism/Nudism?

in the Western New York/Southern Ontario area?

Then this site is for you!

We're a group trying to bring together young naturists (18-35) in the Western New York/Southern Ontario area.

Last Updated March 2017

Why only young?

Unfortunately, it is often hard for younger naturists to find one another. Many resorts and organizations are populated by older people, for various reasons. And they are often not too accommodating to young people (despite them complaining about lack of interest from youth.)

Young people want to be around their like minded peers.

Why no domain name?

I don't have the money at the moment. Once interest picks up, maybe I will purchase one.

Why no pictures?

I don't want people to come here for the wrong reasons. Maybe one day I will post some. But for now, there won't be any.